The “B”Street Bar is an Edmonton classic.

Old world meets new world featuring the best of both. We feature free wireless internet access for the busy net freaks. You can have a high tech lunch while you eat food from the wood fired stone oven. It’s the secret to our delicious food with that distinctive home cooked flavor. Since there is no deep fryer, the bar has no trans fats so you are looking out for both your health AND your taste buds.  The pizza is legendary,  the chicken wings are baked and wickedly delicious. The calzone is perfection.

And while you’re waiting for your food, you can sharpen up your pool game on one of the two pool tables. The bar is never short of parking space due to its excellent location.

The “B” Street has been lovingly transformed into a cozy neighborhood pub by day and a happening party bar at night. Don’t forget. Happy hour prices run all day long. From opening till 8:00p.m.  Did we mention there is free wireless internet access? Bring your laptop so while you you’re lunching you can surf to your hearts content.

The Patio is open in the summer months and a wonderful spot to relax and recharge yourself while getting some rays. Remember “happy hour” starts at 11:00A.M. and runs all day till 8:00pm.

At 9:30 “B”Street turns into a happening little nightspot. It recently won Karaoke bar of the year and for good reason. On Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday “B” Street features the absolute best karaoke experience you can find in Edmonton. Why do we say that? Because it’s absolutely true!  The best sound you can find in the Edmonton karaoke scene, the best selection, and the best atmosphere.

Whether it’s having a quick lunch while you browse the net on our free wireless access or you’re meeting your friends for a couple of drinks. Maybe you need a reservation for your party or special occasion. Most definitely if you need a place to sing and sound your best. You need to make the “B”Street Bar your place.